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Dedicated T-1 Long Distance Rates & Service

Dedicated (T1) Service

If you are familiar with dedicated (T1) service, please skip this section. If you are not sure, allow us to share an example with you.

When you go to a local convenience store to buy a can of cola with you and three friends, you see each can costs $0.60. Then you look and see you can get the whole six-pack for $1.99. Activating your superior math skills you quickly determine that it is as cost effective to buy the six-pack, plus you get a few extra cans. This same economy of scale occurs when you buy a single telephone line at a time, versus buying them in bundles of 24 lines (as you do with a dedicated T-1 line).

Additional savings occur, because the dedicated line runs directly from your location to the long distance carrier's location (called a POP).  By doing this, the dedicated line bypasses the local Bell, thus saving money. This saving is passed on to you, and you get lower costs.

Rough rule of thumb: you need at least 25,000 minutes of long distance usage per month (generally, at a single location) to consider a dedicated T1 line. Larger accounts or heavy international usage clients have special pricing available, please contact us for details.

Dedicated T-1 FAQ's

Dedicated Rates

If you have long distance usage of 25,000 minutes a month, or more, you may want to consider using a T1 line from your office to your chosen long distance carrier's office. Your long distance carrier will be able to drop its per minute charges to you based on the fact that it will no longer be paying heavy per minute access charges to your local phone company, i.e. it is a dedicated line and doesn't use the local Bell lines. 

Dedicated service does have a recurring monthly charge known as a Loop or POP charge. This charge is based on the mileage to the carrier's Point-of-Presence, but, because we represent several carriers we shop for the lowest loop charges on your behalf. There is a one-time installation charge for installation of the T1 circuit that varies, again, based on the mileage and the installer. In many cases we are able to get the carriers to waive or reduce the installation charge. Many times potential dedicated users are not informed of this option because either the salesperson didn't consider the option or, because commissions can be substantially lower, therefore it was overlooked.

We can help you with the terminology, such as: dedicated rates, dedicated service, T1, T3, digital lines, ISDN, 24, POP, muxing, channel banks,  T-3, DS3, etc.

Due to the T-1 recurring fee, a 3.9 CPM interstate rate can be actually cheaper than a 2.9 CPM. Here is how: in addition to your per minute rate, you pay a mileage sensitive monthly recurring charge (MRC). The cost of this fee depends on where you are located and where your carrier is located. If the 3.9 CPM carrier is located a mile a way, your MRC might be $250. If the 2.9 CPM carrier is located 10 miles a way, your MRC might be $850. You need to add the cost of the MRC into your total monthly cost to derive a true cost per minute rate.

Tip: In California, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan and other highly competitive states, a T-1 is not always warranted due to very low pricing of regular switched services..

We have several carriers that offer excellent dedicated rates.  Many of these rates start at less than 3 cents per minute.

In order to find the best possible dedicated service for your business we will submit a proposal to all of our carriers.   Please understand that we will find the best rates to fit your situation, whether it be interstate, intrastate, international, toll free, etc.

To get a proposal of our best dedicated option, please call (Toll Free 1-800-557-5300) or email us. Thanks!

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